In English

Welcome to the English pages of the Elävä Keskiaika ry. The name of the society can be roughly translated as The Living Medieval Times. We are a re-enactment society which concentrates on the cultures of Europe and Arabia during the 11th – 14th century AD.

The English version of our site is updated rarely. This is why the links in Events, will take you to the Finnish pages instead. If You would like to have additional information of the events in our Calendar in English, please contact directly to spokesperson tiedotus -at- or webmaster/webmistress toimitus -at-

Currently our society is working for international events held at ’Lujakallio’ (see below). As more information is available for our foreign guests, we’ll add english information about possible events in our calendar.

Here is some additional information about our society in Finland.

Lujakallio is an area owned by our society (the name translates as ”Firmcliff”). It is in Hattula in Häme. Lujakallio is 3,3 hectars area with large camping area and some buildings. We were able to start building at summer 2001, but because of lack of money the project is slower than some others. For further information about Lujakallio please contact tiedotus -at-

Though our society’s interest is in actual history, not fantasy, the breadth of our period of interest necessitates some imaginary context for period events.

If you have anything to ask about the society, please contact  tiedotus -at- Information available in Finnish, Swedish or English.

Any concerns about the english pages to toimitus -at-

What to do when you feel interested in the Middle Ages as a hobby?

All you need is interest. You don´t have to be a student of history or a professor to join in. We will help you get started. Act and make a contact!
You are always welcomed to our events and to spare as much time and energy as you feel like. Age and gender are irrelevant.

So what is that we do?

Our hobby is the Middle Ages. We study and learn about it and we enjoy the atmosphere in our lively happenings. In our happenings we dress as people of the time and also act accordingly, dance, eat, drink and spend our time in the medieval way.

We meet regularily at some of our members home in the Helsinki area, regular meetings are held in Turku and Häme as well. We organise handicrafts courses and sessions; these include things like dressmaking, carpentry, fletching, textile dyeing and clayworks. Only our imagination makes boundaries.

What is so fascinating about it?

It´s hard to discribe why it is so fun. Maybe it´s the magic of the Middle Ages or the atmosphere of our happenings. Then again it might be the company or everything that we do. We offer you new experiences and lots of enjoyable moments with the hobby.
The experience is hard to describe, that´s why you have to see it for yourself!

Mailing list in Finland

Our society has a mailing list which is open for anyone who is interested in our activities. On the list we inform about upcoming events, meetings etc. Joining the list is free of charge and without any commitments. Unfortunately our list is (predictably) mainly in Finnish.

Becoming a member

You can participate in Elävä Keskiaika events without being a member of the society, but by becoming a member you’ll get discount on the event fee. The membership is granted by Elävä Keskiaika ry – The Living Medieval Times – Board of Directors and we assume that we know something about you by that time. The membership does not constitute any requirements, it just gives you the right for a cheaper events fee and the right to vote in our general meetings.
The membership fee is 10 EUR (2021).


At our medieval events one should wear medieval clothes and use only medieval utensils for dining and such. You can count on our help in this matter. You should also avoid talking about modern things such as computers, mobile phones, work, etc. There should be lots of other things to talk about, right?
Remember to take lots of happy thoughts with you and to show respect towards our hobby.

Meetings in Finland

An easy way to get to know us is to come to our meetings. The meetings are usually at somebody´s home (and you can dress any way you like!). There we chat and plan things, and help newcomers. It´s often just talking, enjoying company and drinking coffee/tea. 😉
Ask more about our meetings on the mailing list or check the calendar of events on our web pages.

Restrictions and other information

  • We are not a religious society. Keep religious propaganda off our mailing-list and outside our events.
  • We are not interested in politics. Political propaganda is not allowed at society events.
  • Our events observe Finnish legislation. Drugs are prohibited, and alcohol allowed only for people of 18 or older. We expect people to drink responsibly.
  • Medieval re-enactment should not be confused with role-playing. They are not the same thing.
  • At period events, remember to speak and act in a manner appropriate to the Middle Ages. Help maintain the atmospere by avoiding inappropriate subjects and actions.